Business Project Development Services

Development, implementation and operation of projects in energy, industry and agriculture field

  •      Legal assistance for setting up or buying companies and projects, choosing the best ownership structure for SPV
  •      Identification of the assets support for the investment: land, production facilities. We support the relation with local authorities in order to check the consistency of developing plans with local regulations
  •      Project financing through grants and loans; business plans drawing up and implementation; cost benefit analysis, market studies; technical projects draw-up, project management
  •      Fiscal assistance; accounting; public-private partnership; public acquisition procedures
  •      Permits and authorizations achievement, suppliers identification and contracting, marketing, client network development

Intermediation for buying existing projects

  •      Identification of projects under authorization available for selling
  •      Representation for negotiations
  •      Legal assistance for realizing the due diligence process
  •      Implementation and operation for the acquired projects

Supplier identification for trading activities

  •      Identifying of convenient suppliers; structuring import and other trade the operation
  •      Negotiating access to supplier chains
  •      Distribution network development

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